Fluidity in the City - Bangkok

Work Title: Fluidity in the City - Bangkok

Medium: Performance, installation

Dancer: Nes Thanapon Dathumma

Year: 2022

Size:  Variable

Material: Led light, ropes, wires

Image credit: Tanker, Yungka

Show in video: Uploading

Works statement:
This is a project around "Cities on the move". Based on my investigation and understanding of Thailand and the city of Bangkok, I invited a Thai transgender artist to perform on a stage background built with LED light cables, ropes and wires. The entire stage background and performance present a state of fluidity, a form of contradictions about gender, identity, culture and tradition, from conflict and mixed entanglement to fusion. The purpose of using performance as a medium is to present the mixed and fluid state of the sexes through the identity, body and voice language carried by the ladyboy itself. I intermittently mix Western modern dance with traditional Thai dance in the choice of dance forms and costumes. The costumes are changed throughout the performance, from disguising with modern male costumes at the beginning to boldly presenting one's own body, which combines elements of Thai ethnic and Buddhist costumes. This is a process about the individual from doubt, struggle to self-identity, and also the process of mixing and inclusion in the modern development of Bangkok and even Thailand.

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