Dreaming IV

Work title: Dreaming IV

Year: 2023

Medium: Installation

Material: Copper wire, green net, carton, strobe light, plastic, motor, Arduino

Dimension: 3m x 2m x 0.5m

Works statement:

This artwork primarily aims to convey the artist's observations and reflections on the prevalent "officialdom-oriented" society in China. The overall effect of the artwork resembles a pyramid volcano that is concave in the middle, with "Teletubbies" of different colours vigorously climbing from all directions towards the centre and upwards.
The vibration of the "Teletubbies" is controlled by a set of programmed codes, and the vibration frequency spreads from the centre towards the periphery. The vibration frequency intensifies and expands layer by layer towards the edges and lower layers. The artwork attempts to construct the artist's understanding of the relationship between power and human nature. Behind power lies human nature, and when there is a lack of constraints and empathy, the pride of power signifies the continuous spread of the abyss of human nature.

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