Dreaming II

Work Title: Dreaming II

Year: 2021

Medium: Animation/Video

Time: 4min15s

Dimension : Variable

Image credit: Zhongge Sui

Link: https://youtu.be/D94vAv7D9ZE

Works statement:
This work is a combination of random and accidental videos and sounds recorded with mobile phones in life, to present a narrative story in China from multiple perspectives, which mainly focus on destiny, free will, and how to face failure. Meanwhile, I used Heidegger’s philosophical concept called “Wurf” (throw) to construct this video work’s frame, And the changes in personal life and destiny are transformed into simple data information changes through the methods of financial derivatives and data securitisation in commercial companies. The videos of these fragments are connected into four linear narrative short films to explore what is the state of the individual's free will in the face of the contingency and randomness of fate? And what is the significance of human initiative in confronting larger mystical forces? It is also a reflection on the state of oneself and the collective.

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