Dreaming I

Information of works

Title: Dreaming I


Medium : Animation/Video

Sound sample:Laundry recording, Canteen and subway recording, Success science speech recording

Time: 45s

Dimension : Variable

Image credit: Zhongge Sui


标题:Dreaming I






Works statement:

There is an underground gambling activity in China- "Mark Six Lottery". It penetrates all aspects of people's life. It even becomes a greeting gesture by asking, "what you bought today?" I remember in my childhood, a group of adults was watching the Teletubbies together to predict winning numbers of the lottery. They are looking for clues and hints in discovering the regularity in disorders and chaos. Although the government has forbidden the lottery, it still remains in the lives of many people at the bottom of society.
So I started to investigate this phenomenon and discover their inner activities of buying lottery. By conducting field investigations and interviews of the gamblers, especially after I immediately participated in the lottery game myself, I was able to discover the abstract ideas in the gambler's mind. For them, the dreams of becoming rich overnight have decorated their cruel hardships of life and blinded them from seeing reality as the lowest social class.




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