A bird monument

Work Title: A bird monument

Year: 2021

Medium: AR, frame

Dimension : Variable, 14cm x 21cm

Image credit: Zhongge Sui

Show in video: https://youtu.be/BfLrYGnEuxo

Works statement: This work is from a real experience and memory of mine, which is I found a bird that couldn't fly and looked dying in the corridor. I prepared some food and water for it and hoped it could feel the kindness of human care at the end of its life. However, the bird droppings on the ground increased daily, and it hadn't eaten anything during that time. Then one day, I suddenly found a scene that shocked me other birds were feeding it with minor bugs in their mouths to keep it alive and recover health. So those bird droppings are left by a group of birds that feed it. When the same kind is in danger, the small animals still sympathise with the same animal and help each other. The little bird recovered health and left after more than half a month, leaving behind a large piece of thick bird droppings at the place.
After that, I decided to make a monument for this little bird or the group of birds, and this monument is piled up with their shit. The main body on base is not the great hero but the weak and ugly bird.

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